$6,500. $2,300. $18,000. 

These numbers aren’t the cost of a car, gadget, or vacation. They are real amounts that transplant families have had to cover out of pocket to bring the gift of life within reach. 

When Transplant Families Are #forcedtofundraise

When it comes to transplant fundraising, the numbers speak for themselves. Estimates from Milliman put the average billed charges associated with a transplant at over $1 million before insurance.

Contrary to the public’s perception, transplant teams not only suggest but often require transplant families prove they have funds available to help with the exorbitant costs associated with transplantation and keeping a donated organ healthy. 

Some of the most common expenses transplant candidates fundraise for: 

  1. Co-pays
  2. Medications
  3. Medical travel
  4. Temporary relocation 
  5. Insurance

While lifesaving, a transplant is not a cure and receiving a transplant doesn’t mean shedding all the financial burdens your family has to face before and after the procedure. In fact, post-transplant medications can be one of the largest financial challenges of the transplant journey. 

In many cases, you may not know how much you’ll need to pay out of pocket until after the transplant—one more reason to start fundraising as soon as possible.  

Fundraising for a Transplant

There is hope for transplant families struggling to figure out how to handle pre- and post-transplant uninsured expenses. 

Help Hope Live is a national health care nonprofit dedicated to helping families facing a medical crisis to fundraise with the help of their communities to offset uninsured costs. With 35+ years of transplant fundraising experience, the nonprofit is a lifeline to thousands of families who can’t afford the gift of life without help. 

If you have a supportive community, whether online, in person, or both, you can apply to start a transplant fundraising campaign with Help Hope Live.  

Resources you’ll receive include: 

  • One-on-one phone and email support
  • Fundraising ideas and suggestions
  • An online donation page
  • Social media and press outreach help
  • Personalized materials like event flyers and even a personalized fundraising video like this one

What Not To Do  

Many communities turn to GoFundMe to fundraise for a transplant. Here are just a few reasons why Help Hope Live is a better choice than GoFundMe for so many transplant families. 

  1. Donations are tax deductible. When someone donates to Help Hope Live in honor of a transplant patient, that donation is tax deductible, unlike when they donate to a personal account through GoFundMe .
  2. Donations are managed responsibly. All funds raised are held by the nonprofit and used to pay medical and related costs only. Funds are available for a lifetime or as long as medical and financial need remains.
  3. Medical need is verified by transplant centers. All patients’ medical conditions are verified by a medical professional before they can request funds from Help Hope Live. 
  4. Trusted and secure. With more than 35 years of experience and a perfect charity rating year after year, Help Hope Live offers unparalleled fraud protection to assure donor confidence and increase the amount supporters are willing to give to help their neighbors in need. 
  5. Funds raised shouldn’t affect medical coverage. Funds raised on GoFundMe after a certain threshold are considered personal income/assets to beneficiaries, which may lead to a patient losing key asset-based assistance such as Medicaid.
  6. Funds raised can help other families. Raise more than you need? No longer need to fundraise? Pay it forward! You can work directly with the Help Hope Live team to ensure that the funds you’ve raised for our nonprofit go to help other families in your area facing a similar medical need. 

Transplant Fundraising Made Simple

Want to learn more about the advantages of fundraising with Help Hope Live or how the fundraising process works? Here are a few quick resources:

  • Apply to start a fundraising campaign here
  • Get answers to your FAQs here 
  • See real stories of hope in action here 

Help Hope Live is proud to be the only fundraising platform endorsed by Transplant Café to provide transplant fundraising support to its members. 

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Nelson O. Freytes
Nelson O. Freytes

Nelson received a liver transplant over 20 years ago due to fulminant liver failure, caused by thyroid medication. A few years after his transplant, Nelson set out to build a ‘next-level’ social network for the transplant community and started Transplant Cafe, and most recently Transplant News.