Much More Than a Transplant News Aggregator

We curate, summarize, and publish the stories that truly matter to the transplant community! A break from Hollywood and the media’s outdated habit of depicting transplantation in the highly sensationalized manner that has been so prevalent for much too long. 

Our vision is to showcase to the world the real stories of the transplant community - those stories that are truly worthy of being told, and the real stories of the millions touched by transplantation worldwide.

Why A Transplantation Only News Source?

The reason to start a transplant focused news source is easy; the transplant community needs a voice that will promote our message, stories, challenges, and successes as high and loud as the mainstream media does other health causes.

For much too long the transplant community has been made to sit on the sidelines and witness our conversation not receive the same level of attention that other causes enjoy.

Who And How..

Transplant Cafe (TC) founder, Nelson Freytes started TC with this vision to help change the perception of transplantation in 2007. Because of its social nature however, TC quickly grew into a source of support and connections for the members of the transplant community.

Launched in 2019, Transplant News, aims to help transplantation gain more awareness in social consciousness. It is an effort to elevate the topic of transplantation higher than ever before, and help it gain similar national and global attention that other major health causes are given.

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Transplant News

The work is ongoing, so 
Please Consider Supporting TN..

If you’re a member of the transplant community, or work in transplantation, is here to help bring your stories and experiences to a much larger global audience and bring our message of transplant awareness and success to the masses. 

This, combined with real transplant community stories, information on transplant innovation and cutting edge content will help bring a much needed new paradigm of awareness and much deserved attention to this great community, cause, and vision.