Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center’S Liver Transplant Program Shutdown

Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center in Houston has announced the inactivation of its liver transplant program due to irregularities. The irregularities were discovered in the United Network for Organ Sharing transplant information database and involved acceptance criteria for liver donors. Factors such as donor age and weight were found to be irregular, leading to the decision to inactivate the program.

The inactivation of the liver transplant program only impacts this specific program, and no other transplant programs at Memorial Hermann are affected. The hospital has launched an investigation into the irregularities and is cooperating with regulatory oversight agencies. Support is being provided to all patients and families who were affected by the program’s inactivation.

Memorial Hermann is committed to patient safety and is dedicated to the well-being of every person it serves. The hospital is working to ensure that impacted patients and their families receive the necessary care and support. The investigation into the irregularities is ongoing, and the hospital will continue to work with regulatory agencies to address the issue.

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