Little Adeline Davidson has returned home to the Highlands as she marks 100 days since receiving her bone marrow transplant.

Four-year-old Adeline from Alness received her long-awaited transplant in April to treat what doctors believed was Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), a rare form of blood cancer.

Her parents Steph, 27, and Jordan, 29, who waited two years for the donor, were  delighted to be taking their daughter home, a full three months after the transplant.

However, the joyous occasion follows shock news that the youngster and her two-year-old sibling share a rare genetic gene.

100 days post transplant

Mum Steph shared her thoughts with followers on Instagram.

The four-year-old received her transplant in April after two-years of complications and delays.

She wrote: “We made it 100 days post transplant. This is a huge milestone in the world of bone marrow transplant.

“We know Adeline is producing red cells, white and platelets, normal looking ones, it’s just taking its time!

“But for a very long time Adeline’s marrow was basically empty, so I think it’s to be expected.”

She added that Adeline had managed to avoid a condition called graft versus host disease (GvHD) where the graft reacts against the host.

She went on: “Really, other than her viruses, she has been so well.

“We don’t have our latest engraftment result back yet, but I really hope we are still 100% donor.”

“The bravest”

The proud and delighted mum said Adeline “has been the bravest, resilient little star throughout it all and we are so so proud of her”.

She added: “We can’t wait to get back to some normality and routine. Every week Adeline will get a blood check at home and for the moment visit Glasgow once a week.”

In December, the Alness family were overjoyed as they secured a viable overseas donor from the register.

After more than two-years of complications and delays, Adeline was admitted to Glasgow’s Royal Children’s Hospital in April for chemotherapy ahead of receiving her bone marrow transplant.

The marrow was administered through transfusion under a 20-minute procedure.

Adeline was devastated after losing her hair but swiftly bounced back.

As doctors waited for her condition to stabilise, Adeline and her mum remained in isolation.

Despite losing her hair; seeing a drop in oxygen levels and battling mucositis – a painful inflammation of the digestive tract – she remained resilient.

After more than 70 days in isolation, the pair were reunited with dad Jordan and two-year-old twin siblings Josie and Jude.

The mother-of-three said she looks forward to celebrating new and exciting milestones, including watching her daughter go to nursery.

“We are so grateful for everyone’s support and we are over the moon to get Adeline home,” she said.

“We hope that in the next few months there will be talk of stopping medicines, possible removal of her line and then starting nursery, all scary but positive things.”

Rare family gene

The families return to Alness comes just weeks after doctors dealt them a devastating blow, revealing Adeline and two-year-old sister Josie have Swachman Diamond Syndrome and carry the rare genetic mutation dnajc21.

Doctors diagnosed Adeline and her sister Josie (right) with Swachman Diamond Syndrome and discovered they share the same mutation dnajc21.

Josie is undergoing tests and showing signs of development delay and low growth hormones as well as bone abnormalities.

Overwhelmed by public’s support

To support the families journey, a crowdfunding appeal was launched by supporter Kathy Stevenson with aspirations of raising £1,000.

More than 70 people have donated and £1,400 has been raised so far.

Steph continues campaigning for more people to sign up to become bone marrow donors and to give blood to help children like Adeline.

Two people following Adeline’s story have become donors and shred their experiences with the family.

Steph added: “We are continuously overwhelmed by people’s kindness and it is great to know that our awareness has been successful in people signing up and donating. I am also grateful for that.

You can follow their journey on their Instagram page.

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