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Genesis we know how vital our organs are
to function but unfortunately some
people are in desperate need of a
transplant April is National Donate Life
month which aims to spread awareness
while also honoring those who save lives
through the gift of donation our Jasmine
bird talks to an or organ donor and
recipient this Wellness Wednesday
National Donate Life month is an
opportunity to encourage people to get
educated about donation and to think
about how they can help people in their
community and then ultimately to
register to be a donor and share that
decision with their family an rabburn is
the director of education for the
Birmingham nonprofit Legacy of Hope
which works with families whose loved
ones have lived their life and now have
an opportunity to donate something
rabburn has firsthand experience with I
actually had an opportunity to donate a
kidney to a friend of mine um some
people are able to donate Al Loa their
liver but by far because most of us are
borned with two kidneys and often times
only need one then we can share that
other kidney with somebody else
nationally we have about 104,000 people
waiting for an organ transplant and in
Alabama that numb is about 12200 so
that’s a significant number of people
that are in need of a life-saving organ
heart transplant recipient Bob Boer
received his life-saving organ 12 years
ago I had a what they call Widowmaker
heart attack uh in August and uh of 2011
the heart attack damaged the left side
of my heart so much uh that the right
side was beating way too fast uh for it
uh so they said yes you need a heart
transplant from there berer was placed
on a waiting list when they finally put
me on the list they found a heart four
hours later uh it is still some sort of
strange record at UAB uh to this day uh
and it was a perfect match typically it
can sometimes take weeks or even months
to receive an organ donor my donor’s mom
was able to put two and two together and
one day uh the phone rang here at the TV
station and it was my donor’s mom and
although April is a month dedicated to
spreading awareness about donating life
when the calendar turns over to May 1st
it doesn’t mean you can’t still be an
organ donor it’s a yearound thing and
it’s a constant need in Huntsville
Jasmine bird Fox 54 news

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