Saturday, July 20, 2019

United Kingdom’s Strategy to Boost Organ Donation: Free Funerals

This is no joke.  Britain’s health system is strongly considering offering free funerals to organ donors as a way to increase their donation rate.  More than 18 million people are registered donors but only 1,000 do so every year.  This is the lowest organ donation rate of Europe and half the US’s.  No maximum amount was set for funeral expenses.

That is an original way of promoting organ donation but is not without any controversy.   John Harris, a bioethics professor at the University of Manchester, described the free funerals offer as “macabre” and said more people would sign up to donate if offered more direct incentives, such as cash.

This is the world we live in, money rules, so I believe people would be more responsive to organ donation with cash than a free incentive.  The question that needs a debate would be how much an organ is worth?

Pierre Luc Charland
Pierre Luc Charland
Aside from being a very experienced transplant coordinator in the Houston area, Pierre is also an amazing content creator for our properties. Pierre plays a key role in driving our mission and offering expert insight to the ever evolving world of transplantation.

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