GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) – There’s a six-year-old little girl waiting to be added to a heart transplant list. As she prepares for this major surgery she has a full army of support behind her at Crossroads Elementary School in Gulfport.

Tears poured from Kyleigh Ward’s eyes Tuesday as she entered her school’s gym to a surprise kindergarten graduation ceremony. Since birth, Kyleigh has battled heart complications. After a total of three open-heart surgeries, the six-year-old now prepares for a heart transplant. Her friends at Crossroads Elementary in Gulfport wanted her to know she wasn’t in this fight alone.

“I have not received this much support since I first had her,” said Kyleigh’s mom Briancca Trammell. “That’s because we just kept it small and within our family, but I did not expect that ceremony at all.”

After asking Kyleigh why was she crying at the ceremony, she answered, “Because I was happy.”

Trammell said she’s beyond thankful for Crossroads Elementary and the Harrison County School District for the endless support. Trammell said they may miss her scheduled kindergarten graduation because of doctor’s appointments in New Orleans.

When it’s time for her daughter’s transplant they will have to travel farther.

“In New Orleans, they don’t do transplants so we would have to go out of state,” Trammell said. “Once that process starts happening, we’ll have to wait and obviously stay at the hospital, and the stay would have to be at least three to six months up to a year. Then we will have to stay in that state because we will have to do a follow-up with the hospital she has the transplant with.”

Her friends wanted her to know she wasn't in this fight alone, surprising her with early...
Kindergartner waiting for heart transplant in tears when surprised with early graduation ceremony
Her friends wanted her to know she wasn’t in this fight alone, surprising her with early kindergarten graduation. (Source: wlox)(Brandy McGill WLOX)

Kyleigh said hearing her classmates cheer for her and even spell her name made her cry even more.

Kyleigh agrees she is a strong young girl and is thankful for everyone supporting her. Trammell said many people have reached out to her wanting help. There’s a GoFundMe and Saturday, May 15 at 2 p.m. there will be a donation drop-off event in Loren D Heights in Gulfport.

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