Saturday, September 21, 2019

Kidney Transplant Recipient Is ‘Scooting 4 Donors’ Across The USA

Four-time kidney transplant recipient Matt Schneider is currently ‘Scooting4Donors,’ making his way across the US on a scooter in support of organ donation awareness.

Matt made a stop at Augusta University where he got the chance to visit with one of his doctors, Dr. Carlos Zayas, who is himself a bone marrow transplant recipient.

Matt Schneider is Scooting 4 Donors across the USA!

Yesterday Matt told Transplant News that he’s taking a break until August 1, 2019 when he will continue “Scooting4Donors” from Nashville, TN.

“I have received 4 kidney transplants, which means I have had four people selflessly give up one of their organs to keep me alive.

My first donor was my mother, Susan, on August 26, 1987. Seven years later, on October 6, 1994, I received my second kidney from my father, Kevin. Almost 5 years later, to the day, on October 7, 1999, my brother Kevin, gave me his kidney. Miraculously, I received a fourth kidney from a special angel from California on February 24, 2016.

These four amazing people are the reason I am taking this trip. There are many, many more people involved in my story, but without my four donors the story would have ended very quickly.” – Matt Schneider

To learn more about Matt’s cause ‘Scooting4Donors’ click here.

Nelson O. Freytes
Nelson O. Freytes
Nelson received a liver transplant over 20 years ago due to fulminant liver failure, caused by thyroid medication. A few years after his transplant, Nelson set out to build a ‘next-level’ social network for the transplant community and started Transplant Cafe, and most recently Transplant News.

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