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Young Woman Survives Surprise Liver Transplant

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Kaitlyn Hosier and Spencer Quinn just pushed their wedding forward to April of 2021. But it wasn’t COVID that created the initial crisis in their lives. The Lincoln nurse and her fiancé have been through a personal hell since February and they wanted to share their story to demonstrate what matters most

“She’s able to laugh and smile and it just kind of taught me to cherish what you have right now,” said Spencer Quinn, Hosier’s fiancé.

Hosier, a 26-year-old psychiatric nurse, wasn’t feeling well in February.

“I was sick for two days with an earache and a sore throat,” said Hosier.

She said it escalated to nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

“I knew we needed to do something. Something was really wrong. She wasn’t herself,” said Quinn.

Testing at a Lincoln hospital found her liver enzymes were sky high. She was transferred to UNMC in Omaha where she said she barely remembered anything.

“I was full of fluid and disintegrating and my kidneys, liver and heart were shutting down,” said Hosier.

She was in liver failure.

“They found out my liver was 80-percent dead, which I’ve never had any liver problems ever,” said Hosier.

Unable to stay awake, and confused, Hosier said she didn’t know where she was or even what year it was.


Kaitlyn’s parents were with the young woman constantly.

Her family was making life and death decisions for her while she was on life support and machines kept her breathing and functioning for more than a week.

“My family had to choose whether to get a liver transplant or not because I was not going to make it,” Hosier said.

Her family and Quinn stayed with her around the clock, sleeping on the hospital floor. They prayed and said goodbye.

Kaitlyn said while on the ventilator, she couldn’t respond but could hear the comforting words of her loved ones.

“I heard them read me my last rites, every goodbye people did to me. I heard everything,” she said.

Within a 12-hour time frame, a liver was available and transplanted. That was on February 20th. When she woke after surgery, she wasn’t able to comprehend what just happened.

“They’re like, ‘Kaitlyn, you had a liver transplant.’ I was like, what? Are you sure?,” she said.

The couple knows, had Hosier’s liver failed just weeks later during the COVID-19 crisis, they could not have accompanied her through her health journey. No visitors were allowed in hospitals. There would have been no vigils, no hand holding, no prayers next to her hospital bed.

“It’s a miracle. Miracles do happen. The timing of everything was perfect in the worst possible way,” said Quinn.

Hosier said she had two additional surgeries after the transplant due to all the swelling. Then, she endured weeks of full-time physical therapy to regain her strength and stamina.

“Grateful” is a word Hosier uses easily and often, thanking the hospital staff, her friends and loved ones who guided her through this ordeal.

“I’m just grateful I’m still alive, you know,” said Hosier.

Hosier was released from the hospital on March 11, just a week before major health directives shut down businesses and elective surgeries.

The couple’s April 23rd wedding was delayed because of COVID, but family surprised her with a tiny wedding-like celebration in a garage, complete with a cake, decorations and a toast.


Family had a surprise “wedding party” for the couple on their original wedding date to celebrate her transplant.

Kaitlyn returns to work as a nurse on Tuesday. She said she’ll take every precaution available to prevent contracting the COVID-19 virus. But she needs to work so that she has insurance coverage after her transplant.

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