Magnets in the iPhone 12’s wireless charging system could inhibit heart transplants, a new study has found. This confirms the first alert launched in January.

A first study Shown in January that devices equipped with the MagSafe system can Deactivate an automatic implantable defibrillator (DAI). MagSafe has a systemmagnet Used for wireless charging of iPhone 12. It interferes with the proper functioning of transplant As cardiac they include a switch designed to be activated by a magnet. Testing was done on only one implant, but Apple immediately updated the terms of use.

A new study published in Journal of the American Heart Association Verify the problem. Researchers tested ICDs and pacemaker From manufacturers Medtronic, Abbott and Boston Scientific. they kept iphone 12 pro max on the skin of three patients with different implants, and also tested eleven other new models (not implanted).

A problem that affects the vast majority of heart transplants tested

The iPhone effectively stopped the operation of the two patients’ ICDs and activated the asynchronous mode. pacemaker Of the third The same effect was observed on eight of the other eleven devices, except for only three Boston Scientific devices (DAI DynaGen ICD and Symbol MRI S-ICD, as well as the Accolade MRI pacemaker).

l’Interference Fortunately this is temporary and the implant returns to normal function after removing the iPhone. apple indicates that iphone 12 Presents no higher risk than previous models, but a previous study No cases of interference with the iPhone 6 were found in 148 patients. So it’s best to follow Apple’s recommendations and maintain a safe distance of at least 15 centimeters from any medical device (30 centimeters in the case of wireless charging), or simply from MagSafe products if you’re fitted with a heart transplant. Avoid.

Could be a problem for people with iPhone 12 pacemakers

Apple on Saturday changed the terms of use for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The firm recognizes that the magnet is placed inside its final smart Fone May interfere with the function of a heart transplant.

Article published by Fabrice Ocklert on 01/25/2021

with their multiples sensor, connected objects do a lot for health, but they can also be harmful … MacRumors found that Apple recently updated a support document to warn users not to place the iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories too close to pacemakers, defibrillators and other implants. Why? simply because they can be sensitive to magnets and waves radio.

In its document, Apple informs that it is necessary to keepiphone 12 at a certain distance from the device: 15 cm when it door, and about 30 cm when wireless charging, by induction. Why these precautions? Quite simply because the iPhone 12 now includes MagSafe technology, which has been present on MacBooks from 2016 to 2019.

A magnet for wireless charging

This magnetic connector allows current to flow, and Apple has integrated it into the iPhone 12 shell to provide wireless charging. Initially, the firm explained that the presence of this magnet would not increase the risk compared to older iPhone models, but cardiologist in detroit The opposite was observed and warned that the latest models may interfere with implants. During a test, he had found that an iPhone 12 could prevent the brand’s heart transplant medtronic.

It must be remembered that the implant contains a battery, capacitor, a detection circuit / excitement As well as an intracardiac or extracardiac investigation. All of these devices have a built-in switch which is a . responds to Magnetic Field applied externally. When an external magnet is brought near a defibrillator, the Treatment by electric impulse for tachycardia ventricles and ventricular fibrillation finds himself suspended.

Magnetic field suspends the device

According to the researchers, a magnetic field of more than 10 gauss is strong enough to activate or deactivate this switch. However, the area of ​​the iPhone 12 is 16. is Gauss, sufficient to interfere with the operation of the defibrillator. During his tests, he found that the iPhone’s magnet placed near the defibrillator activated the switch.

Caution, Apple has therefore changed its support regarding the iPhone, and recommends consulting your doctor or the manufacturer of its implants before using your iPhone. In general, this is valid for any connected device that includes a magnet, and therefore also applies to connected bracelets and watches. Thus, tests have shown that a connected bracelet can disturb a pacemaker at a distance of about 2 cm.

So you must be very careful, and the best is to never keep your iPhone 12 close his heart, in a shirt pocket, or even in a jacket pocket. Best, if in doubt, is to put it in a pants pocket. You should also avoid bringing it close to your chest or chest while sending SMS, playing, surfing Internet Or that person considers his email. As Apple recommends this pageIt is best to contact the implant manufacturer to avoid any unpleasant surprises and limit the risks.

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