Take A Seat To Take A Stand: Organ Donation Saves Lives | Donate Life Green Chair Sit-In

it’s a very special day here on good day
the 14th year for the life connection of
Ohio 24-hour Donate Life big green chair
sit in you can see the big green chair
in our green room it’s occupied right
now yeah we have a new new person in
there now you’re going to talk to in a
little bit and why is this so important
friend of good day car steel joins us to
explain this morning good to see you
Carrie Cara right in bubbly this morning
here I am give it 20 she going to be
here 24 hours 24 hours SC you ready yep
you do you do it every year yes it must
be done you knowes it does and for such
a good good reason why right absolutely
yes so our theme is taking a seat to
take a stand on the importance of organ
and tissue donation you heard from a
awesome donor family a little while ago
whose daughter Ally gave the gift of
life to so many others they’re so proud
to be here and to kick off the event
this year her memory and I know special
to you because you were actually able to
witness that incredible moment where the
family met their daughter’s heart
recipient able to listen to her
heartbeat in Beth’s chest and be like
wow my daughter did that my daughter
saved her life it’s incredible yeah and
and that’s part of the things that you
do with life connection too that people
may not realize you know the behind the
scenes this is a very difficult day
absolutely for these families and you
all are there to walk them through all
of it and to just support them and that
support continues on absolutely and
that’s I think why this is one of our
favorite events is because we’re able to
really see that so these donor families
that we take care of from the very start
and then they are a part of our after
CARE program and then they’re encouraged
to join our volunteer family for that
continuous support and then they’re able
to be here and meet people like our next
interviewee candy who will be
celebrating 24 years with her kidy
transplant this year an Incredible Gift
of Life yeah so I get I’ll get an
opportunity to speak with her shortly so
Cara just talk to us a little bit there
are a lot of myths when it comes to
Oregon donation can you debunk some of
those for us this morning I sure can I’m
glad you have me here so yeah I think
the the number one misconception that we
hear about I’ve been at life connection
of Ohio now for 17 years it has not
changed and it’s people who are afraid
if I say yes on my driver’s license and
something happens to me I’m worried that
I’m not going to get the medical care I
need because I said yes to donation that
could not be further from the truth so
what really happens in reality not on
the TV show not those lovely TV shows
that maybe the writers don’t let the
facts get in the way of a good dramatic
story is uh you know life connection of
Ohio only enters the picture after
everything has been done to save that
person of course any doctor any nurse on
site in that hospital they’re only
concerned with saving lives they don’t
know whether the person is a registered
donor they certainly don’t care uh you
know they’re only concerned with giving
that medical care that that person needs
so after every effort has been exhausted
if that person is a registered donor or
if their family makes that decision on
their behalf that’s when life connection
of Ohio gets involved and can carry out
that person’s wishes okay so there you
go there’s myth one and there we go deun
uh you know you mentioned taking a seat
to take a stand because we have
to understand that that chair we’re
trying to keep it filled here for 24
hours and we will um but some people die
waiting absolutely and that’s really
where the the green chair idea was born
so there are about 20 people every day
who die waiting for that second chance
at life and we want to do everything we
can to raise awareness and to educate
people about the importance of donations
so they can hopefully take that step and
register say yes to saving lives so
there will be fewer empty chairs so
we’re literally having the tagline of
the green chair campaign lived out here
for the next 24 hours and we will not
let it go empty and it’s and it’s so
important because like you mentioned a
life is is able to be extended people
are able to to see their grandkids walk
their daughters down the aisle and and
you have a personal experience of that
you were able to get how many more years
with your father yeah 20 extra years
which is pretty incredible so you know
my standard line of blaming my father
for my career in the best possible way
you know I’m obviously so grateful for
that gift he received back way back in
1997 he was given less than 2 weeks to
live doctor said probably looking at
about 2 weeks here if he didn’t get his
gift of life and fortunately he was able
to and 20 more years I got to spend with
my dad and that is something that I am
forever grateful for and the reason I’m
so passionate about what we do at life
connection of Ohio and it’s why we love
having her once a year for a whole day
we get to have her that’s right uh for
people who want more information because
you said okay you you’ve cleared up some
things for me um I want I’m ready to to
say yes where can people go well I will
say w 11’s website is pretty awesome
right now I but got a lot ofair fun and
a lot of information about oration you
can always to oursite too which ISC
connection.org you could actually
register to save lives right on the
website and it takes I would say less
than a minute and certainly makes a huge
impact in the life of those who are
waiting MH yeah we’re going to hear one
of those stories yeah we are look
looking forward to that interview indeed
uh so just from a personal note what are
you going to do to stay awake I know I
mean it’s one of those things I look
forward to it every year someone asked
me yesterday do you adjust your sleep I
don’t it’s like you run on adrenaline
because these honestly these stories are
so powerful and inspirational and that’s
what keeps us all going and I’ve got my
partners in crime here with life
connection of Ohio as well so we’re all
in it for the long haul and just really
excited so the good stories that’s your
caffine that is my fuel okay all right
very good can’t wait to see you again
tomorrow morning around this time we’ll
be chatting with you pleas please don’t
judge me of course not thank you cara
thank you and thank you for making good
day a part of your Tuesday morning we’ll
be right back

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