Sister Of Organ Donor Voices Opinion

Carrie Peterson, sister of deceased donor Katie, shares how Katie’s decision to be an organ donor has impacted their family. Katie, a 19-year-old freshman at Brigham Young University who tragically passed away in a skiing accident, donated her kidney and liver to recipient Tina Watson. Meeting Tina and witnessing how she continues to honor Katie’s memory has been a blessing to the Peterson family. Carrie emphasizes the importance of organ donation and encourages others to consider registering as donors. To learn more about becoming an organ donor, visit Donor Connect Life.

Carrie Peterson, the sister of deceased organ donor Katie, shared her emotional story at the Gift of Life event hosted by donor connects in Pocatello. Katie, a 19-year-old freshman at Brigham Young University, tragically passed away after a skiing accident. Katie’s decision to be an organ donor led to Tina Watson receiving her kidney and liver. Carrie expressed gratitude towards Tina for honoring Katie’s memory and for the positive impact Tina has made in her life.

Speaking about their encounters with Tina, Carrie highlighted the bond that has formed between their families since the organ donation. She described Tina as a cherished member of their family, emphasizing the profound connection that organ donation has created between them. Carrie expressed admiration for Tina’s accomplishments and the way she has carried on Katie’s legacy through her actions. The families continue to keep in touch through various means, strengthening their relationship and shared appreciation for the gift of life.

Carrie’s touching account sheds light on the transformative and life-changing impact of organ donation. Through the selfless act of donating organs, individuals like Katie leave a lasting legacy and provide others with a second chance at life. The story serves as a reminder of the importance of becoming an organ donor to save and improve the lives of those in need. For more information on organ donation and how to become a donor, visit

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