She Donated Part Of Her Liver After Her Fiance Was Rediagnosed With Cancer

VC Health Hume Lee Transp 500 miles away from Atlan and Jessica Garrett live. we ended up in Virginia.

who had been together nea expect their love would h to bring them to the stat extended time. I’m still

head around it to be comp stay had to happen becaus was re diagnosed with a r cancer in March of last y

remission for only five m He literally couldn’t tal the pain, just kept getti Doctors told Harris in or

need to find a living don in Georgia didn’t perform a shocking thing. We coul die waiting on organs to

says she knew in that mom one option for her future to be that donor. Doctors that Garrett was a candid

her liver to her fiance, themselves. Meaning Garre after she gave part of he the transplant surgery wa

couple stayed in Richmond the June 2023 surgery. So He’s been absolutely incr needed to be done just to

feel like we’re, uh, pret same person now, the coup Georgia planning their we It’s, it’s really just no

like this young in life. there’s probably in sickn but he was literally 24 y Garrett sacrificed for he

him the gift of life that sure, without it. And thi story will motivate other too can be a match and sa

learn more about this pro our website at W TV

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