Rick Brown’S Story: Kidney, Pancreas Recipient | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In 2024

well for the last 14 years we have been
taking a seat to raise awareness about
Oregan donation and families of Oregon
donors and those who have received
life-saving donations have been sharing
their stories since 9:00 yesterday
morning they are going strong now in
about hour 20 of this long process I’m
joined Now by Rick Brown who is a kidney
and pancreas transplant recipient and
Rick so glad you’re uh here with us this
morning you had a near 20 battle with
diabetes where did that leave you
healthwise and what did you need to fix
all of that oh um well the battle with
the 20 years of
diabetes um of course you know the high
blood pressures um I had vision loss um
renal damage you know a lot of
complications with nerves things like
that and you were a young guy you were
in your 30s at the time right yep I
diagnosed in my mid-30s and got put on
dialysis probably about when I was 30
so you were in a position where a
transplant was needed were you thinking
will this ever happen uh yeah um 18
months on dialysis I started thinking
you know it’s not going to happen it
started getting a little depressing
right and you’re wondering about your
future but then there was a day you were
actually carrying a birthday cake when
the phone rang or you got a call what
was that moment like and what did they
say on that phone call um I had went and
ordered a cake uh I think it was May
19th and I brought it home early it was
my wife’s birthday the next day as soon
as I walked in the house I got the phone
call to know go to U and they were ready
to do my my transplant and things
changed after that you got through the
surgery how did your life change because
obviously diabetes was wreaking havoc on
your body what happened once you got the
those two organs transplants oh my life
changed dramatically I had a increasing
energy um I didn’t have the
complications from a lot of the diabetes
complications um healthy more active um
not stuck in
dialysis uh oh it was just a big turnar
around it was great is I mean it’s hard
to compare and this was 11 years ago so
in know in a sense do you feel like you
had more uh years added to your life you
got a chance to see your grandkids grow
up too right oh definitely
yeah it’s I mean considered since my
surgery I think every day is a bonus cuz
I just get to wake up and I get to live
a normal life I’ve met my grandkids that
none of them around when I had my
transplant and I didn’t think I’d make
it that far and now you volunteer with
Life Connections uh what would you say
to someone Rick who’s you know maybe on
the fence about whether they should sign
up to be an organ donor obviously it
changed your life and saved your life
yeah I mean if to me I I know it’s her
but if you think about it one person can
save up to seven to eight lives right
it’s it’s just a gift that we’ll just
keep on giving just by saying yes and
you’re a living example of what that
organ donation can do yes great to meet
you Rick congrats enjoy the time with
the grandkids so glad you’re with us
here this morning sharing our story they
they have about three and a half or so
more hours to go in the chair uh and
Rick will be here for a little bit
longer too so Kaye we’ll get it back to

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