North Texas Battalion Chief In Search Of Kidney Donor

Battalion Chief Brent Young of Midtown Engine 11 Squad 18 from Battalion 1 of the Colony Fire Department, who has been a firefighter for 27 years, was shocked to learn he has a rare kidney disease and needs a transplant. Young, who loves his job and has never considered retirement, is now on dialysis and unable to continue firefighting. His colleagues are rallying together to find a kidney donor match to save his career and his life. To see if you’re a match, fill out a survey at with Young’s full name and birthday. Mrs. Young and the firefighters promise to take good care of the kidney. (108 words)

The Colony Fire Department is rallying together to support one of their own, Battalion Chief Brent Young, who is facing a critical health challenge. After 27 years of dedicated service, Young was recently diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that has forced him to retire from his beloved role as a firefighter. The news came as a shock to Young, who never imagined his career being cut short in such a manner. Now, the department is urging the community to step up and potentially save Young’s life by finding a kidney donor match.

Young’s colleagues describe him as a dedicated and passionate firefighter, who has always been a pillar of strength within the department. As the community comes to terms with the news of his illness, there is a sense of sadness but also determination to help in any way possible. The Fire Department is calling on individuals to consider filling out a simple form to see if they could be a match for Young, offering him the gift of more time and the opportunity to continue serving in the role he loves so dearly.

For Battalion Chief Brent Young, the prospect of losing his career and his life is a daunting reality. However, his wife, colleagues, and the entire community are banding together to support him in this time of need. By visiting and providing Young’s full name and birthday, individuals have the chance to make a profound impact on his life. The Colony Fire Department and all those who know Young are hoping for a positive outcome and a successful match to ensure that his legacy of service and dedication continues for years to come.

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