Mt. Washington Church Member Answers Friend’S Prayer For A Kidney Transplant

David Frank, a father from Bullitt County, has been grappling with kidney disease for over 15 years, facing the slow decline of one kidney and the precarious state of the other. His journey took a hopeful turn when a newfound friend at the Church of the Crossroads stepped in to offer support.

Beth Allen, moved by her own experiences with familial illness, decided to get tested as a potential kidney donor without needing to be asked. Despite initially being a blood match with Frank, she patiently waited until his family members were tested. When they weren’t a match, Allen didn’t hesitate to offer her kidney.

Frank was stunned by the news, overwhelmed by the selflessness of Allen’s offer. The realization that a friend would make such a sacrifice left him speechless and profoundly grateful.

For Frank, Allen’s decision represents the ultimate gift, a lifeline amidst the staggering statistics of kidney transplant waiting lists. With over 100,000 individuals in the U.S. awaiting transplants, kidneys are in high demand, and tragically, 17 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.

Four years ago, Frank and Allen met as strangers within the sacred confines of their church. Today, they are bound together for life, connected by an act of generosity and compassion that transcends words. Their story serves as a testament to the power of friendship and the remarkable capacity for human kindness.

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