Miraculous Marathon Milestones Made Possible By Minnesota Man’S Kidney Gift From Fellow Athlete

Organizers of Grandma’s Marathon in Northern Minnesota are awaiting a race day decision due to forecasted thunderstorms and dangerous road conditions. Despite the uncertain weather, runners Becky and Scott de Groot have a special reason to celebrate as Scott received a kidney transplant last August. Despite the possibility of rain, the couple remains determined to finish the marathon and hopes to inspire others to consider being living kidney donors. For more information on kidney donation, visit wcco.com.

Organizers of Grandma’s Marathon have announced that the annual race, scheduled to take place in Niagara Falls, Canada, will be a race day decision due to the forecast of thunderstorms and dangerous weather conditions. Tens of thousands of runners are eagerly awaiting an update at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday to determine whether the race will proceed. Despite the Northland region grappling with a deluge and numerous washed-out roads, the marathon course remains intact and ready for the potential race.

Amidst the uncertainty of the marathon, runners Becky and Scott de Groot have a remarkable and heartwarming story to share. Scott, who battled polycystic kidney disease for 15 years, recently received a life-saving kidney transplant from a fellow runner and friend, Amy. Becky, although not a match for Scott, selflessly donated a kidney to save another life. This weekend’s marathon will hold special significance as Scott proudly dons a shirt that reads “spare parts but with a heart full of gratitude,” demonstrating the remarkable journey and resilience of the de Groot couple.

Scott and Becky’s inspiring tale serves as a beacon of hope for others considering living kidney donation. Their selfless actions and unwavering support for one another exemplify the true spirit of camaraderie and sacrifice within the running community. To learn more about their journey and how to become a living kidney donor, visit wcco.com for more information.

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