Mayo Clinic Minute – Expanding The Living Kidney Donor Pool To People With Type 2 Diabetes

Every 8 minutes a person is added to the National kidney transplant waiting list unfortunately in this country there is uh a large gap between uh the demand for kidney transplantation and the supply of organs from diseased donors dialysis is an option for patients with endstage kidney disease though mayale clinics Dr

Naam Isa says a transplant is preferred and having a living donor is best we always prefer kidney transplantation because that of a survival benefit and increase people lifespan and that’s a reason why it’s important to expand the eligible donor pool allowing people with type 2 diabetes melitus may actually

Open the door for some people who were not being eligible before to be potential living kidney donors those eligible must be older than 60 have well-controlled type 2 diabetes not on insulin and have no family history of kidney disease potential individual who would like to be a candidate for living

Kidney donation undergo a very thorough uh Health uh assessment and very thorough Examination for the mail Clinic News Network I’m Jason Holland

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