Love, Legacy, And The Gift Of Life

Meet The Duffer family dad Harley mom Justine two-year-old Libby and her new baby sister pton give pton kisses being together as a family has a deeper meaning for Harley this Valentine’s day in 2021 Harley suffered heart failure from a genetic condition he was eventually hospitalized and in a coma at

Mayo Clinic he was given only 6 months to live unless he got a heart transplant there were several instances where the fear of him not making through set in very heavy and then you have a daughter at home saying where’s Daddy where’s Daddy it’s a lot to go

Through the duffers got the call they were hoping for thanks to the selfless generosity of this young man Payton nurse who tragically lost his life in an accident his last wish was to be an organ donor and his heart became the gift of life for Harley if it wasn’t for

Organ donors you know I wouldn’t be here I know several other people orgon recipients that wouldn’t be here to raise their family and it’s is one of the best gifts that you can get after his recovery Harley was able to meet Payton’s mom Leslie nurse so she could

Listen to her son’s strong healthy heart beating inside his chest to carry on their organ donor’s Legacy the duffers named their new baby Payton I just want to say thank you so much for everything for uh your son’s bravery and the sacrifices that he’s made we went to see where Payton’s

Resting place is such bravery and selflessness from a young man is it’s rare to find nowadays and it’s the it’s the difference between life and death for the Mayo Clinic News Network I’m Marty Velasco hes

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