Living Donor Awareness: College Student Donates Part Of Her Liver To Little Boy

and so in January of last year this
little three-year-old Curtis Binkley was
put on the transplant list for a liver
donor we uh started praying about it and
everything like that uh sticking his
face and pictur in the church bulletin
and you know um and then eventually one
day we uh found out that uh there was
somebody on out there that somebody
happened to be Shannon black she had
signed up to be tested as a living liver
donor hoping to give a portion of her
liver to her cousin who also needed a
transplant sadly her cousin did not
survive I think if he hadn’t had to wait
so long he could have may made it
through but in that process guess what
it turned out channon’s liver was the
perfect size and match for little Curtis
welcome news for a family praying for a
miracle we finally had you know hope
after just waiting months and months and
months this this is little Curtis now
after that successful liver living donor
transplant his family and Shannon met up
with us at Cincinnati’s Great American
Ballpark a major league game this month
supports living liver donation without
the donations I mean I mean I don’t know
what we would be doing right now well
Shannon is sad about her own family’s
loss she says every donor moves someone
else up the list I think it’s just a
really important um
life-changing thing to do the family of
this now healthy little boy says you
can’t imagine how much it takes a
amazing person um with a to give a part
of themselves so a little guy like him
could live the living liver foundation’s
second annual living donor awareness
game where the Reds play the Brewers at
Great American Ballpark is April 11th we
have a link inside the digital version
of this story if you’d like to find out
ticket information and attend and
support this great Mission you can
always find our local 12 stories right
here on YouTube don’t forget to tap
subscribe and then you can get all the

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