Lenoir City Man Advocates For Organ Donation

losing a loved one is never easy but for
some in their toughest moments of loss
they find the strength to give others
the greatest gift of Life tens of
thousands of people can wait anywhere
from three to 5 years for an orgegon
transplant even to get on the list and
one father learned through his own
devastating loss how to change lives ten
news reporter Lauren Davis shares the
story of a Lenor City father inspired to
work with Tennessee donor
in 2018 Mike Wells and his wife Tammy
lost their beloved Son but made the
decision to give others The Gift of Life
by donating his organs in 2018
unfortunately my son passed away and he
declined to brain death and we were
approached by Tennesse donor services
and they let me know that my son had the
rare opportunity to save lives through
organ donation before that
heart-wrenching moment he says organ
donation never crossed his mind I had no
idea how rare of an opportunity it is um
for someone to die a way to actually
become an organ donor that’s why it’s
it’s so precious because there’s 100,000
people on a waiting list right now that
need a lifesaving transplant and there’s
so few people that die in such a rare
way that they can be an organ donor Mike
says his son Michael was able to save
three lives through the donation of his
heart kidneys and liver it’s so awesome
my son was able to save three lives two
of the people we don’t know who they are
where they are and that’s fine um but we
were very very fortunate to meet one of
the recipient her name’s Rose and we’ve
become I’m very close to them he says
the experience he had with Tennessee
donor Services during such a difficult
time inspired his new career as a
hospital services coordinator I knew
then that if I ever had the opportunity
to work for this organization to help
save lives and promote organ donation
that I would do it Mike says he knows
exactly what families are going through
and shares his experience to help other
families by teaching nurses I can say
listen I was that family at the bedside
I know what you know what you’re doing
and the families that you’re taking care
of I know exactly how that feels Mike
says you should consider becoming an
organ donor for a chance to help change
someone else’s life in Knoxville I’m
Davis so impactful Tennessee donor
Services says there were nearly 1,400
life-saving organ transplants made
through organ donation last year in the

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