Kara Steele Shares Father’S Story | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In 2024

well it’s something that takes minutes
to do and you could save someone’s life
registering to be an organ donor our
green chair sit in continues this
morning and we have Cara steel with Life
Connections of Ohio with us she’s in the
chair right now so Cara uh not only are
you just a partner with us for this sit
in but you’re also a daughter of a
recipient you’re very vocal about people
being organ donors talk to us just a
little bit about your story sure yeah I
always I blame my father for the best
possible way for my career so I’m
obviously incredibly grateful for the
gift that he received through organ
donation so way back in
1997 he was not doing very well um you
know couple trips to the doctor
something weird was going on he was very
jaundice he was super low energy which
was very unlike him and found out that
12 years prior he had contracted
Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion
and at this point 12 years later there
was really no other hope for him to
survive other than a liver transplant so
he was put on the national transplant
waiting list and a few months later got
the call that changed all of our lives
forever and it’s amazing and your father
is someone who is known in this
community uh talk to us a little bit
about who he was and and what he did yes
so he was half of Shores and steel on
k00 and would always Babble about the
importance of organ donation and the
Incredible Gift that he was able to
receive because someone said yes it’s a
simple yes but it means so much in the
lives of so many people I can obviously
personally attest to that so my dad was
fortunate enough to receive 20
additional years of life because of that
life-saving liver transplant which is
pretty amazing for these families who
are able to get those extra years um
talk about that impact of you know
someone’s trag
living on and being able to support
someone else yeah I think it’s really
incredible over these 24 hours the
stories that we’re sharing and the
Incredible strength of the donor
families who are here honoring and
remembering their loved ones for that
Incredible Gift of Life that they were
able to give to recipients like my dad
and so many other people who again could
spend that time with their family and my
dad really took his second chance at
life and ran with it and really never
said no to any opportunity to to promote
organ and tissue donation because he was
so grateful that someone said yes and
saved his life and someone with life
connection talk to us a little bit about
the details that someone’s organs eyes
and tissues can help people and how many
people can it help sure yeah it’s a
pretty incredible life-saving Legacy
that can be left so one person has the
power to save up to eight lives through
organ donation and could enhance the
lives of 125 more through tissue
donation and again just thinking about
making a difference I mean that is an
incredible thing that one person has the
ability to do and again you just have to
say yes it’s a really simple process if
you haven’t already registered you can
hop on our website life connection.org
or I feel like WTO 11’s website has been
kind of active over this past 24 hours
if you want to hop on there find out all
the information educate yourself learn
about all these amazing stories of
people who’ve been forever touched by
donation and say yes it’s again so so
simple but means so much in the lives of
so many Cara thank you so much for your
story and again like Cara said if you
are maybe on the fence or you want to
know more information about it you can
go to wt.com or life connection.org

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