In Search Of Savior: Treasured Radio Dj From Queens Seeks Kidney Donor

Beloved Queen’s DJ Roshan Chan, known for his selfless generosity, is facing a life-threatening illness and needs support. Dialysis for kidney failure has left him drained, but he refuses to give up his radio show where he shares music from Guyana with listeners worldwide. His community in Richmond Hill is rallying to help him continue spreading joy, with neighbors starting a GoFundMe and planning a benefit concert to cover his mounting medical bills. Despite the challenges, Chan remains hopeful and determined to get back on the airwaves, showcasing the indoc Caribbean culture of Little Guyana in Queens. His neighbors see this as an opportunity to advocate for healthcare as a right, not a privilege, and are coming together to support their “brother” in need.

A pillar of the Queens community, DJ Roshan Chan, known for his unwavering dedication and infectious spirit, is facing a life-threatening illness that has left him in need of a kidney transplant. Despite undergoing dialysis which drains his energy, he remains steadfast in his commitment to his radio show, where he shares the vibrant music of his native Guyana with listeners worldwide. Now, neighbors in Richmond Hill are rallying to support him, with efforts including a GoFundMe campaign and a benefit concert to help alleviate the mounting medical expenses.

Richmond Hill, often referred to as Little Guyana, has embraced DJ Roshan as a beloved figure, hailed as the heart and soul of their community events and a true volunteer. As his family diligently searches for a kidney donor, advocates in the neighborhood are seizing this moment to advocate for equitable healthcare access, viewing it as a fundamental right rather than a privilege. The community’s outpouring of support reflects not only their deep appreciation for Roshan’s cultural contributions but also their shared commitment to standing by one another in times of need.

In the face of adversity, DJ Roshan remains resolute in his passion for music, viewing it as a timeless connection that transcends boundaries. As he navigates the challenges of his health journey, his unwavering optimism and determination serve as a beacon of hope to those around him. With the support of his community and the generosity of donors, the indoc Caribbean culture of Richmond Hill stands united in their pursuit to help their cherished DJ navigate this trying chapter with grace and resilience.

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