Here'S Why Kidney Donation Is So Important

April is Donate Life month and today we’re chatting with Dr Rosemary Yousef a nephologist with uel health Rosary let’s start with the idea of the living donor I think it’s sometimes a little bit um less understood than what comes to mind when people think about Donate Life so what makes a good living donor candidate well if you need a kidney transplant the weight now is 5 years wow so you absolutely want to try and get a living donor and it can be a friend it can be a relative it can be Facebook friend it can be just anybody so what they will do if they’re healthy if they don’t have a lot of medical problems is they will call our intake coordinator and that coordinator will kind of go through the medical history with them so they will help them know are you going to be a good candidate for donation and in terms of donation you know don’t worry about blood type don’t worry about m match we will do all that cuz say you’re not the same blood type you can um have paired donation they can donate to someone else and someone else can donate to you wow so there are a lot of options in terms of living donor kidneys what is the process look like for a living donor so again they start with that intake person because our goal is this is not an operation that the donor needs so we want to make sure that the donor is going to go through that operation well and that they’re going to have you know no problems from having donated so we will check out their heart their lungs their kidney function we will have a um advocate for them to make sure that no one’s kind of pressuring them behind the scenes to donate so our whole focus is to make sure that things are going to go well for the donor and let’s talk a little bit about um who might need this kidney transplant and what gets you to that point well a lot of times you may not know that you have kidney problems so if you have a family history of kidney disease high blood pressure diabetes heart disease ask your doctor what your kidney function is it’s just a blood test and a urine test and when your kidney function starts to decline when your kidneys don’t filter out waste products and fluid you will need some other therapy for for that function so for us you know kidney transplant is just another therapy for that kidney failure but you live longer you do better when you get a kidney transplant and absolutely that improves even more if you get a living donor kidney transplant wow well this month April the perfect time to be talking about this so Absolut thank you so much for coming on shedding all of your important information we really appreciate it thank you for asking me

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