Gravitas | Australian Scientists Are Developing A Long-Term Artificial Heart

And from pacemakers for the brain let’s talk about artificial Hearts you heard that right Australian scientists are developing a long-term artificial heart let me say that again a long-term artificial heart in fact the federal government has announced a grant of $50 million towards the project what do we know so far about it

How exactly will these artificial Hearts help and work let’s get to the details it’s being called an offthe shelf alternative to organ donation what a mirical miracle right let me just give you a sense of why this is extremely significant the unfortunate reality is many patients with Advanced heart

Failure end up dying while waiting for a heart transplant the weight becomes deadly but what if one does not have to wait what if the heart is a available off the shelf basically the artificial heart will be a long-term alternative to heart transplants how will it work now we all

Know that Hearts work by beating blood around the body this artificial heart will send the blood around by using magnetic levitation technology basically a bunch of pipes are used to replicate the heart and the cardiovascular system and so far by the way the good news is that the testing has shown tremendous

Results according to reports the Australian federal government will provide $50 million in funding to support the development of these artificial hearts and other cardiac implants naturally the hope is that the device will be an off the shelf long-term alternative to heart transplants that the research will ensure more people can get access to

Life saving technology and eventually perhaps replace the need for donor Hearts all together we are now available in your country download the app now get all the updates on the move

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