From Unknowns To A ‘Flawless Partnership’: Vietnam War Hero Set To Get Kidney From Luzerne Region

A Lackawanna County veteran in desperate need of a kidney donor found a match in a complete stranger who saw his story on Newswatch 16. After months of testing and bonding over shared experiences, the two are set to undergo a life-saving kidney transplant on July 3rd. The veteran, Russell Canavari, and his donor, Paula, have formed a friendship and are grateful for the gift of life.

A touching update to a previous story featured on Newswatch 16 reveals the heartwarming journey of Lackawanna County Veteran Russell Canavari, who was in desperate need of a kidney donor. After the initial broadcast in March, a complete stranger, Paula, reached out to Russell after being deeply moved by his situation. Despite being strangers just three months ago, the two have formed a close bond and are on the brink of a life-changing milestone.

Russell, who was facing stage five kidney failure due to Agent Orange exposure during his service in Vietnam, was days away from needing dialysis when Paula, a resident of Pittston, contacted him offering to donate her kidney. Months of testing, ups and downs, and moments of uncertainty followed, but they persevered until receiving the incredible news that they were a perfect match. What started as a charitable act has since blossomed into a remarkable friendship fueled by shared experiences and a newfound sense of connection.

Their story is one of unlikely coincidences and beautiful humanity, as Russell and Paula discovered they share striking similarities in their personal histories. Despite their differences, the bond between them has grown stronger, culminating in a life-changing event scheduled for July 3rd when Paula will gift Russell the ultimate present: a new lease on life. Through tears of gratitude and mutual appreciation, these two individuals have found solace, hope, and faith in each other, proving that in the darkest of times, miracles can still happen.

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