From Strangers To Friends: 2 Fathers From Providence Commemorate 10 Years Since Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

On Father’s Day, NBC 10 features the heartwarming story of 52-year-old Sean Gagan, a math teacher at Paul Cuffy School, and Derek Robinson, a physician’s assistant. Despite not being close friends or blood relatives, Derek donated a kidney to Sean in 2014, saving his life. The two have formed a deep and profound friendship, meeting for breakfast almost every month to celebrate their bond. As they mark the 10-year anniversary of the life-saving surgery this Father’s Day, they reflect on the incredible gift of friendship and life that Sean’s selfless act has given them both.

Providence, Rhode Island – As Father’s Day approaches, the celebration extends beyond familial ties for two men, Sean Gagan and Derek Robinson, whose bond transcends biology. Gagan, a dedicated math teacher at the Paul Cuffy School, is described as a problem solver, impacting the lives of his students for over two decades. Robinson, a physician’s assistant who battled kidney disease, found hope in an unexpected donor – Gagan.

Their unlikely connection blossomed when Gagan, upon learning of Robinson’s health struggles, selflessly decided to donate a kidney in 2014. The life-saving surgery not only brought renewed health to Robinson but also forged a profound friendship between the two men. Now, as they prepare to mark the 10th anniversary of the life-changing surgery, Gagan and Robinson continue to meet monthly over breakfast, cherishing the bond that transcends mere gratitude, affirming their brotherhood.

As Father’s Day dawns, Gagan and Robinson’s story stands as a testament to the enduring power of friendship and selflessness. Their journey from donor and recipient to brothers in arms underscores the remarkable impact of one man’s benevolence on another’s life. With each shared cup of coffee and heartfelt conversation, the duo celebrates the gift of life and the extraordinary relationship that emerged from a simple act of kindness.

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