Daughter Donates Kidney To Her Sick Mother

a 21-year-old daughter with a life-saving gift for her mother a kidney donation Sydney Deshawn talked to this family about their journey through dialysis and their waight for a match thank to God that bless me my daughter go of her my life meet Rosemary and Mary Jane heran we get into it like sisters their mother and daughter who live in Colleen Mary Jane was on track to retire to her native country the Philippines with her husband Dave that was until her health began to decline I was diagnosed I found out 2016 a genetic kidney condition is what Mary Jane had but she never let that Define her whenever she was going through dialysis that’s what she called her full-time job was being a content creator everybody oh she’s in dialysis but it’s look like nothing Mary Jane got lab work done in 2022 my daughters told me and my husband you need to go uh love works done before you go home and then uh the result is said I have 7% function in my kidney after months of testing she was approved to go on the kidney transplant weight list but that can take an indefinite amount of time I thought that was end of my life her youngest daughter stepped up it was just a no-brainer to like help out my mom and she was the perfect donor match I don’t have any like health issues and uh I’m the same blood type as her and everything March 27th is when the heran went through successful procedures on like a bigger scale was like oh my goodness I’m about to give away in Oregon it all happened in the hospital rooms at Baylor Scott and White we would love to see more of this happen because most of the time it’s a very happy story you know basically this is a family member helping each other and achieve a good result today Rosemary is left with a scar but she’s fully healed the Mark is a reminder of her love for her mom I don’t see it on a different scales making breakfast for my mom in the morning it’s just just something that I would have done for her no matter what you very happy that my husband Number One support me encourage me everything to survive and alive and also thank to God that I give me my youngest daughter that she uh gave me another life Sindy desan reporting there for us Mary jeene now fulfilling her dream of being able to retire to the Philippines with her husband experts say donors should expect to live a normal life and that donating will not affect your LIF

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