Baptist Heart Institute Celebrates Organ Donations

is National Donate Life month and one
local hospital system is Raising
awareness today the Baptist Heart
Institute held a ceremony to celebrate
the lives of people who successfully
donated and received organ and tissue
transplants three heart transplant
survivors and one organ donor shared
their experiences with a supportive
crowd it’s changed my life but I know
it’s also changed my family’s life in a
way that we never expected for the first
time I’m able to get out and run around
with my kids ride bikes play games I
coach soccer teams and baseball teams
like I can be a functioning dad in a way
that I never thought was possible in my
life before it’s amazing it really is oh
that is beautiful well later this week
579 pin Wheels with eight blades
symbolizing the eight lives that can be
saved from each organ donor will be
placed in the ground in front of the

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