Artist On The Hunt For Kidney Donor In The Community

Local artist Chris Rodriguez has been searching for a kidney donor for three years, with no success. Despite the hardships of dialysis and the emotional toll of waiting for a donor, Rodriguez continues to stay positive and inspire others. He urges people to consider signing up to be a donor, as it can save lives and help families in need. To see if you are a match, visit USC living,, or contact Rodriguez directly. His determination is fueled by the upcoming arrival of his baby girl.

Local artist Chris Rodriguez has been on a three-year journey in search of a kidney donor to save his life. At only 21 years old, Rodriguez received the devastating news that he needed immediate dialysis to survive, despite being in the best shape of his life. The constant treatments have taken a toll on his daily activities, forcing him to cancel plans with friends and navigate a challenging lifestyle, but his determination to find a match has never wavered.

Despite facing moments of despair and rock bottom, Rodriguez has found solace in his art and the support of strangers on social media, who have offered him a listening ear and encouragement. However, the best way others can help him is by signing up to be a donor, as even if they are not a match for him, they could potentially save another person in need. With the impending arrival of his baby girl in Southwest Bakersfield, Rodriguez is fueled by hope and a renewed sense of purpose to continue his search for a life-saving kidney donor. To see if you are a match for Rodriguez or another individual in need, visit USC living donor. org, JJs legacy. org, or contact Rodriguez directly at 661-378997.

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