Adventurous Minnesota Pair Embarks On Journey To Promote Organ Donation

Last week, 3-year-old Cooper was reunited with the couple, Lynn and Mark Scotch, who helped save his life by donating one of their kidneys through a paired kidney exchange program. The couple, along with fellow biker Ali Hansen, rode miles on their bikes to see Cooper, who was in desperate need of a kidney due to end-stage renal failure. The Scotch’s, who have also been impacted by organ donation in the past, were moved to help Cooper and promote awareness about the importance of organ donation. Cooper’s medical team at M Health Fairview notes that paired organ exchange is becoming more common for kidney transplant patients. The touching story of Cooper and the Scotch’s highlights the power of selfless acts and the impact of organ donation.

In a heartwarming tale of organ donation and altruism, the unlikely bond between a little boy and a couple whose generosity saved his life was recently celebrated. 3-year-old Cooper was in desperate need of a kidney when Lynn Scotch, inspired by his story, decided to participate in a paired kidney exchange program. Thanks to her selfless act, Ali Hansen turned out to be a match and donated her kidney to Cooper, who was facing end-stage renal failure.

Moved by the impact of organ donation, Lynn’s husband Mark, a living kidney donor himself, embarked on a mission to raise awareness about the crucial need for organ donors. Cycling thousands of miles through his organization, The Oregon Trail Cooper, Mark showcased the power of this life-saving gift, aiming to make a difference. The couple’s decision to give back was driven by a personal experience, as they had wished to donate their organs when they tragically lost their first child.

This inspiring tale of hope, generosity, and second chances highlights the profound impact of organ donation on the lives of those in need. Cooper’s successful transplant at M Health Fairview, facilitated through the paired organ exchange program, serves as a testament to the increasing significance of such initiatives for kidney transplant patients. As the chain of giving continues, the Scotch family, alongside Hansen, are now united in their shared mission of Biking For Change, spreading awareness and advocating for organ donation.

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