Amy Price complained about the UK paying for Spain's
Amy Price is now living in Spain. (Good Morning Britain/ITV)

Katie Price has revealed she offered to donate her lung in a bid to save her terminally ill mother, Amy.

The 43-year-old mother-of-five has been supporting Amy as much as possible since her diagnosis with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) four years ago.

IPF is a condition that causes scarring on the lungs and difficulty breathing. While there are treatments to slow down the condition, the effects are irreversible.

At the time, the family were warned it was unlikely Amy would live longer than five more years, and ever since they’ve been finding ways to prolong her life as much as possible.

This week, speaking with Simon Thomas on his Life, Interrupted podcast, Katie said she became so desperate she even offered to donate one of her lungs.

“She is waiting to see If she can have a lung transplant, I even offered my lung to her but it is not that easy,” she explained.

“You have to be ill enough to have it because if you are too well, they won’t give it, but then you have still got to be well enough to take it.”

Katie Price has vowed
Katie Price has vowed ‘no-one will ever destroy me again’. (AP)

“Although my mum could have it now, it doesn’t mean to say that she’d still survive it,” Katie sadly added. “Because it can reject in three weeks and it only prolongs your life for five years.”

Katie has made no secret of the fact that she considers her mum her ‘absolute rock’ and often celebrates their bond on Instagram with throwback photos.

Amy is now living abroad in Spain in the hopes the sunshine will help her live a more comfortable and long life. She uses an oxygen supply and keeps active with yoga and spinning classes.

But Katie admitted she fears she ‘hasn’t got long left’.

“You know, it’s going to happen,” Katie said. “She still does her spinning classes, she’s got like 34% left of her lung capacity so now she has started oxygen, which isn’t nice to see because in my head, once you start the oxygen and you need that, you know it’s coming.”

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