Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trump’s New Kidney Dialysis Directive To Save Lives And Money

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at reducing the cost of kidney treatment by increasing the availability of kidney transplants.

According to the National Institutes of Health, at least 468,000 US citizens are on dialysis, and an additional 100,000 US citizens are on the wait for a kidney transplant.

Before signing the executive order, the president addressed kidney patients together with their loved ones stating that his administration was with them in this fight and that he is determined in ensuring that these people get the best treatment anywhere in the world.

Terming his order as part of his bigger agenda of reducing the prices of prescription drugs, the president hopes that his new directive will ensure that kidney patients get a chance of getting an early kidney transplant and home dialysis.

Donald Trump said that his directive was aimed at improving the lives of these people by not only making it easier for patients to get dialysis services at the comfort of their homes but also by increasing the availability of donated kidneys and promoting the development of artificial kidneys.

Reimbursing Donors For Their Costs

In 1984, Congress passed a law making it illegal to pay kidney donors claiming that people would sell their organs solely for the money.

However, President Trump noted that lack of enough organs made it hard for kidney patients to get the required transplants. His government will, therefore, try to make it easier for living donors by covering expenses such as travel costs, childcare, and lost wages. According to Trump, it is time these selfless people got enough credit for the incredible work that they do.

Economic Impact Of Kidney Trump’s Directive

Organ transplants can cost anywhere between USD50-90k, followed by anti-suppressant drugs. However, medicare may handle the cost of these drugs for up to 3 years after the operation.

In addition, people who receive organ transplants are more likely to enjoy a better quality of life as compared to those people who opt for dialysis. By being able to get transplants easily, therefore, these people are able to engage in productive activities hence improving the quality of their lives.

Trump’s government also aims at changing the procedure for harvesting/acquiring organs from deceased persons. The president said that it might be possible to get at least 11,000 other organs and at least 17k more kidneys from deceased donors every year. His administration is, therefore, in the process of helping the people who harvest these organs do an excellent job.

Expected Changes Include;

  • Kidney specialists who specialize in preparing patients for an early kidney transplant to get a bonus.
  • Some changes in Medicare to ensure that specialists who help patients get dialysis at the comfort of their homes earn as much as those specialists in the large medical centers. Patients under dialysis may spend up to 4 hours a week in machines that help them filter waste products from their blood. They need help to get this done.
  • A change in the Medicare payment policy to offer incentives to clinics and doctors focused on helping patients stave off end-stage disease. The aim here is to lower the cases of kidney failure by at least 25 percent by 2030.

What do you think of this directive by the president? Fire off in the comments below!

Nelson O. Freytes
Nelson O. Freytes
Nelson received a liver transplant over 20 years ago due to fulminant liver failure, caused by thyroid medication. A few years after his transplant, Nelson set out to build a ‘next-level’ social network for the transplant community and started Transplant Cafe, and most recently Transplant News.

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