The Surgeon’s Cut is one of the most popular medical show on Netflix. Dr Nancy Ascher features in one of the episodes of the show and shares her journey.

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Medical dramas and reality shows have caught fancy of the audiences on OTT platforms. One such show that is making a lot of noise on social media for the right reason is The Surgeon’s Cut. The show chronicles the story of four renowned doctors and their most difficult surgeries. One such groundbreaking doctor who is going to feature on the show is Dr Nancy Ascher. She is the first woman to perform a liver transplant. Read to know more about her.

Here are all the details about Dr Nancy Ascher

Who is Nancy Ascher?

According to a report by Reality Tit-Bit, Dr Nancy Ascher is an organ transplant surgeon and also a professor of transplantation. She is the first woman to perform liver transplant and she is all set to star in Netflix’s medical show The Surgeon’s Cut. She features in the third episode of the show and takes the viewers on her medical journey.

She is also the recipient of the Holly Smith Award for Exceptional Service for 2020. She currently works at the Department of Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco. She has two children, Becky Roberts Ascher and Ascher Roberts.

She completed her under graduation in medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She completed her residency in general surgery and a fellowship in clinical transplantation from the University of Minnesota. Dr Nancy Ascher then joined the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota in 1982. There, she was named as the Clinical Director of its Liver Transplant Program.

She then joined the Department of Surgery at UCSF and built a liver transplantation programme. Her now-husband John Roberts was also with on the project. In 1991, she appointed as the Chief of Transplantation which meant she would perform liver, kidney and pancreas transplants.

In The Surgeon’s Cut, Ascher has revealed that horror films, feminism and an intellectually rigorous family inspired her to take up a career in medicine. She has elaborated that she had to do things which required her to overcome her fears which is where horror films came in handy. She also has revealed that both her pregnancies happened while she was performing surgery. Nancy also opened up on the death of her sister on whom she had performed a kidney transplant.

Image courtesy- Twitter handle of UCSF

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