Young Mom Searching For Kidney Donor In Community.

Middlebury resident, Demitria Kirby, is in need of a kidney transplant after suffering complications from the birth of her second child. Kirby experienced severe complications just hours after giving birth to her daughter, Cecilia, in July 2023. She was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening pregnancy complication called HELLP syndrome, which ultimately damaged both of her kidneys. Further testing revealed that Kirby also has a rare genetic disease known as Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS), which causes blood clots to form in the blood vessels and can lead to kidney failure and other serious health issues. Kirby has been on dialysis since July and is now waiting for a kidney transplant, which could take five to seven years unless a suitable donor comes forward.

Kirby’s journey has been unexpected and challenging, as she had a healthy pregnancy with her first child and did not have a history of severe health issues. She is optimistic about the future and has been actively searching for a potential kidney donor. Kirby was accepted onto the UVM Medical Center’s transplant program but experienced delays due to the loss of one of their surgeons. She has also requested to be referred to the transplant program at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Kirby encourages more education and support for pregnant women regarding the signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications, such as HELLP syndrome and high blood pressure. Despite the difficulties she has faced, Kirby remains grateful for the support from her community and employer and hopes to use her experience to raise awareness about maternal health.

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