Young Concord Resident Requires Heart Transplant Following Severe Illness

A 22-year-old nursing school graduate from Concord, New Hampshire, is urgently in need of a new heart transplant. Ryan Zwick had been preparing for his final exams when he suddenly fell ill with a mysterious infection. Loved ones believe that Zwick had contracted COVID-19 a couple of weeks prior and was experiencing lingering effects. Doctors discovered that he had a viral heart infection, leading to a five-hour open-heart surgery in a Las Vegas hospital. Unfortunately, Zwick does not have health insurance, which has added to the financial strain on his family.

The Zwick family has already endured tragedy, having lost Zwick’s sister, Brooke Bucknam, a few years ago. Her passing inspired Zwick to pursue a career in nursing. The community has rallied to support Zwick, with fundraisers set up on platforms such as GoFundMe and Give a Hand. The cost of a heart transplant and ongoing medical expenses are a major challenge, and the family is seeking assistance from the community to help Zwick on this difficult journey.

This news serves as a reminder of the ongoing healthcare challenges faced by individuals without health insurance, as well as the incredible financial burden that can accompany life-saving medical treatments. The story of Ryan Zwick highlights the importance of community support and solidarity in times of crisis, as loved ones and strangers alike come together to help someone in need.

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