World’S First Tech-Backed Kidney Transplant Successfully Completed By Knh

Dickens Njoroge, a 36-year-old Kenyan man with kidney disease, has become the first person in Kenya to receive a kidney through a minimally invasive transplant surgery. The surgery, known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery, was successfully performed by a team of doctors led by Dr Charles Waihenya and Dr Paul Njogu at Kenyatta National Hospital. This new type of surgery is set to revolutionize kidney care in the country, as it offers a pain-free and faster recovery option compared to open surgery. The surgery involves making small incisions in the patient’s lower abdomen and inserting a tiny tube with a camera to access the kidney.

Chronic kidney disease affects millions of Kenyans, with many unaware of their condition due to delayed symptoms. Currently, around 7,000 Kenyans are undergoing renal dialysis, which is often covered by the National Hospital Insurance Fund. However, a kidney transplant is a more suitable long-term solution for kidney disease. The availability of donors and the cost of treatment are challenges faced in increasing the number of kidney transplants. Dr Waihenya urges regular kidney check-ups and highlights the advantages of laparoscopic surgery in terms of recovery time. While progress has been made in treating kidney disease, there is still room for improvement in increasing the number of kidney transplants performed.

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