Worcester Pastor Successfully Receives Kidney Transplant and Returns Home

Worcester, Mass. – Pastor Edith Stevquoah of Christ Jubilee International Ministry received a warm welcome on Sunday as she returned home after undergoing kidney transplant surgery earlier this fall. The Worcester pastor had been on dialysis for four years before the operation in September. The church members surprised Pastor Edith with a Christmas song and dance performance, while other leaders presented her with flowers and a welcome home card. The emotional reunion brought joy to both Pastor Edith and her congregation, who expressed their love and happiness at seeing her again.

Despite facing multiple setbacks, including internal bleeding, since the surgery, Pastor Edith is grateful to be back home for the holidays. She described her return as being “at the entrance of Heaven’s door,” emphasizing the significance of being in a familiar and comforting environment. Although she is currently recovering at home, the church leaders believe Pastor Edith will soon return to leading worship services.

The community’s reaction to her homecoming demonstrates their deep admiration and appreciation for the spiritual leader. Her journey, marked by perseverance and support, showcases the strength and resilience of Pastor Edith as well as the love and unity within the Christ Jubilee International Ministry.

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