Woman Seeks Kidney Donor At White Sox Game In Desperate Need Of Transplant

Chicago Woman Seeks Lifesaving Kidney Donor at White Sox Game

Christine Todd, who suffers from polycystic kidney disease, attended a White Sox game in hopes of finding a living kidney donor. Todd’s large cyst-ridden kidneys have left no room for a deceased kidney transplant. Determined to spread the word, Todd’s family came prepared with t-shirts and banners. This is not the first time she has sought a donor at a ballpark, having done the same at Wrigley Field last year. White Sox legend Harold Baines, who underwent a heart and kidney transplant three years ago, shared words of encouragement and urged Todd to trust the process. Kidney transplant recipient Lisa Polk also offered support, having found her own living donor at a ballgame. There are currently close to 4,000 Illinois residents awaiting organ transplants. Todd has registered at Loyola Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Kidney Registry. For more information on how to help or become an organ or tissue donor, visit NKR.org/cbc578 or the Secretary of State’s website.

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