Williamsburg Youth in Search of Kidney and Liver Transplants

Eight-year-old Langdon Richardson from Williamsburg is in need of a kidney and liver transplant due to his diagnosis of Auto Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD). Langdon has been living with the genetic disorder, which causes enlarged cyst-filled kidneys, for most of his life. Despite his illness, Langdon remains positive and educated about his condition, participating actively in his doctor’s appointments. The Richardson family is actively searching for two living donors who meet the criteria of being Type O blood and under 45 years old. They have created social media pages and a one-stop shop webpage to raise awareness and provide information for potential donors. The public is urged to share Langdon’s story and consider becoming a donor to help him find a match.

Langdon’s mother, Tiffany, is inspired by her son’s positive attitude and hopes that more people can adopt his outlook on life. She emphasizes the importance of spreading the word about Langdon’s condition, as sharing his story may reach someone willing to help. In addition to supporting Langdon through donations, individuals can also support him by following Langdon’s ARPKD Journey Facebook page and staying updated on his progress. Langdon’s unwavering optimism and appreciation for life make him a hero to his family, and his condition serves as a reminder to cherish each day.

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