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Three friends from Wayne State University have strengthened their bond by going through a life-saving kidney transplant together. Branis Pesich, an alumna of Wayne State’s College of Nursing, was in need of a kidney transplant after months of testing and evaluation. Tracy Besek, one of Pesich’s close friends and training partners, decided to donate her kidney to Pesich after noticing a decline in her activity during their weekly training sessions. Without Pesich’s knowledge, Besek went through the screening process and discovered that she was a direct match. She didn’t reveal the news to Pesich until four months later. The transplant operation took place in late November, with Jennifer Sheridan Moss, a professor at Wayne State, volunteering as a caretaker for Pesich during her recovery.

Both Pesich and Besek have been progressing well in their recovery and are looking forward to getting back to cycling, their shared passion. Pesich expressed her gratitude and described the emotional journey leading up to the transplant as a draining and uncertain experience. She considers herself blessed to have received such a precious gift from her friend. Moss, who provided support and care during the process, highlighted the importance of having someone local to ensure proper post-transplant care. Pesich’s number one goal is to be back on her bike in the upcoming spring.

This heartwarming story showcases the power of friendship and selflessness as these three women not only maintained their close bond but also saved a life. The support, generosity, and determination displayed by Besek and Moss illustrate the profound impact friends can have on each other’s lives. The successful transplant reaffirms the effectiveness and importance of organ donation in improving the quality of life for those in need. Pesich’s resilience and determination to return to cycling embody the strength and hope that comes with overcoming adversity.

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