Veteran’S Life-Saving Kidney Transplant Brings Joyful Holiday Miracle In Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. – Owensboro Gulf War Veteran Anthony Cobb recently received a life-saving kidney transplant after three years of searching for a donor. Cobb had posted signs around Owensboro and even made t-shirts in his quest for a match. His prayers were answered the day before Thanksgiving when he received a phone call informing him that a matching kidney had been found. Cobb underwent surgery in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day.

After nearly a month since the surgery, Cobb is now in recovery. He must take medication multiple times a day and isolate himself for 3-6 months to build up his immune system. Once he is out of isolation, Cobb is excited to spend time with his grandchildren. He plans to give back to his community and help those who have supported him throughout the years. Cobb also expresses his thanks to his family and friends at The American Legion for their continuous support. He is immensely grateful to the family of his deceased donor and believes that the donated kidney will go on to do great things.

This life-saving kidney transplant has brought hope and a new beginning for Owenboro Gulf War Veteran Anthony Cobb. He will continue to inspire others with his determination to recover and give back to his community.

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