Valley Community Gains Access to DHR Health’s Liver Transplant Services

DHR Health, a medical center in the Rio Grande Valley, is set to become the first in the region to offer liver transplant surgery. The area has a high prevalence of liver diseases, including hepatitis, alcohol-related liver damage, and fatty liver disease, which can lead to organ failure and the need for transplantation. Currently, patients in need of liver transplants have to travel outside the Valley for the life-saving procedure. However, with the hiring of key medical personnel, including a surgeon and an anesthesiologist, DHR Health hopes to begin offering liver transplant services within the next month.

According to data from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Texas and Oklahoma accounted for over 10% of all liver transplants in the country in 2023. The Southern Midwest region, which includes Texas, saw a total of 1,111 liver transplants last year. The establishment of liver transplant services at DHR Health aims to meet the local need for this life-saving procedure and reduce the burden on patients who currently have to travel to other cities for transplantation. In addition to saving lives, the introduction of liver transplant services in the Valley is expected to raise awareness about liver health in a region that has been grappling with liver diseases, particularly fatty liver disease, as a major health concern.

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