Uw Health’S Celebrates Landmark: Success Of First Pediatric Heart Transplant!

An 11-year-old boy named Sezar from Madison, Wisconsin, has successfully undergone a groundbreaking heart transplant procedure at UW Health. Sezar, who emigrated from Syria to the United States six years ago, is passionate about playing soccer. Despite being an otherwise healthy boy, Sezar began experiencing heart failure symptoms, including nightly vomiting. His father, Sam, took him to a doctor in Rockford, Illinois, where they discovered the severity of his condition.

UW Health experts initially treated Sezar with medication and a mechanical heart pump, but it became clear that he needed a new heart to save his life. After spending a month in the hospital, Sezar and his family received the life-changing news in person from Dr. Sonya Kirmani, the medical director of UW Health Kids’ pediatric heart transplant program. The surgical team successfully implanted a donor heart, making Sezar the first recipient of the new pediatric transplant program at UW Health.

Thanks to the groundbreaking transplant procedure, Sezar has been able to return to playing soccer, his favorite sport. His father has expressed gratitude for the new lease on life for his son and the transformative impact it has had on their family.

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