Urgent: Loganville Resident Requires Kidney Transplant – Community Support Needed

Loganville resident Timothy Thomason is facing a critical health battle as he fights stage 4 kidney disease. With his condition rapidly deteriorating, the 33-year-old is desperately in need of a kidney transplant. Thomason has been on the transplant list for four months and is yet to find a suitable donor. While he is grateful to have avoided dialysis so far, time is running out for him to find a donor and prevent his condition from worsening further.

In an effort to increase his chances of finding a potential donor, Thomason and his son have been featured on a billboard located on Highway 81 in Loganville. The billboard serves as a plea for assistance and awareness regarding his urgent need for a kidney donor. Thomason’s blood type is A+, and he is currently on the transplant list, hoping that someone with a matching blood type will come forward to save his life.

As the clock ticks, Thomason’s condition continues to worsen, making the search for a kidney donor even more crucial. Those who believe they may be able to help by donating a kidney are urged to contact the appropriate medical authorities and undergo the necessary testing to determine compatibility. Thomason’s story serves as a reminder of the life-changing impact an organ donation can have and highlights the pressing need for living donors to come forward and potentially save a life.

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