Urgent Christmas Card Appeal To Save Evie Green, Girl In Need Of Heart Transplant

An urgent appeal has been launched to send Christmas cards to Evie Green, a young girl eagerly awaiting a heart transplant. Evie, who is just nine years old, has been on the waiting list for a new heart, and her family hopes that receiving cards from people around the world will lift her spirits during this difficult time. Despite her health struggles, Evie’s positive attitude and love for art have inspired her family to launch the appeal.

Evie, from Manchester, UK, has been battling heart problems since birth and has spent much of her young life in and out of hospitals. In addition to her medical challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has created further isolation for Evie, limiting her interactions with friends and family. Recognizing the importance of staying connected and the power of support, her family hopes that the Christmas card appeal will bring joy to Evie and remind her that she is not alone in her fight.

The appeal has quickly gained attention, with many individuals and organizations pledging to send cards to Evie. The family has expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response and believes that this outpouring of support will not only brighten Evie’s Christmas but also raise awareness about the need for organ donation. With the holiday season approaching, people from all corners of the globe are encouraged to send cards to Evie, spreading love, hope, and well wishes to a brave young girl waiting for a life-saving transplant.

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