Updates On Children In Need Of Liver Transplants

Sonya Grandison, hepatology clinical nurse specialist at Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) in Crumlin, had a busy day attending to liver patients and their families. Starting at 7:15 am, she met with her colleagues Laura and Aislinn to discuss updates on liver patients, including new cases and those awaiting transplants. They then prepared for clinic, ensuring that blood forms were ready for liver transplant patients.

From 9 am to 1 pm, Sonya attended a busy clinic, seeing 23 patients. She met with a patient whose liver condition was worsening and informed the parents that their child would need a liver transplant, requiring them to travel to King’s College Hospital in London for assessment. Sonya provided the parents with information, support, and time to process the news. She also performed fibroscans for five patients to assess liver stiffness and fatty droplets. Another patient with portal vein thrombosis and portal hypertension needed assessment in Leeds, so Sonya ensured the necessary paperwork was completed and passports were up to date for both patients traveling to the UK.

In the afternoon, Sonya had lunch and then had a debrief with colleagues about Liver Awareness Day, which took place in January. They held education sessions for staff nurses on the ward to keep them informed about caring for patients with liver disease. Sonya followed up on blood results for outpatients, discussed medication changes with consultants, and contacted parents with any necessary follow-up advice. At 4:30 pm, she contacted Justine, the liver transplant coordinator in the UK, to update her on patients traveling for assessment and those on the transplant list. Sonya ended her day with a walk and catching up with a friend, Clare, who provided her with accommodation when she worked in Dublin. Overall, it was a day filled with the important work of caring for liver patients and supporting their families at CHI, Crumlin.

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