Update: Metro Heart Transplant Recipient Successfully Recovers At Home

Des Moines resident Anthony Harper, who had been suffering from heart failure, received a life-changing phone call in late January 2024. After waiting for over a year, Harper was informed that a heart was available for transplant. On January 29, he left his home and traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, for the life-saving surgery. Despite his initial concerns, the procedure went smoothly, and by 6 a.m. the next day, Harper had a new heart.

After awakening the following night, Harper was able to walk the next day, and within two weeks, he was on his way back home, feeling better than he had in a long time. This new lease on life has given him the opportunity to plan for a future beyond his previous limitations. Harper acknowledges the bittersweet nature of his gift, recognizing that someone else had to lose their life for his to continue. He remains grateful and open to meeting with the donor’s family to express his appreciation and ensure that he does not waste this second chance at life.

This story highlights the transformative impact of organ transplantation on individuals like Anthony Harper. It serves as a reminder of the profound gift given by organ donors and the ability of recipients to reclaim their lives. Harper’s journey from waiting for a new heart to having hope for the future is a testament to the incredible advances in medical technology and the selflessness of those who choose to donate their organs.

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