Turkey’S Only Kidney Transplant Center Successfully Conducts 75 Transplants

Gaziantep University Kahraman Eruslu Kidney Transplant Hospital has established itself as the leading kidney transplant center in Türkiye. With a surge in transplant numbers, the hospital has become the most preferred center in the country. Headed by Professor Dr. Sacid Çoban, the hospital’s Organ Transplantation Center has witnessed a significant increase in cases since its recent opening. Dr. Çoban attributes this success to the hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced team.

In March alone, the hospital performed a remarkable 17 kidney transplants, including two cross-kidney transplants. Since patient admissions commenced in October, a total of 75 transplants have been carried out at the hospital. This achievement has solidified the hospital’s position as one of the leading centers for kidney transplants in Türkiye. The hospital’s services are not limited to Gaziantep and the surrounding provinces; patients from all around the country and abroad also seek treatment there.

The Gaziantep University Kahraman Eruslu Kidney Transplant Hospital’s success is a testament to the expertise of its medical staff and the quality of its facilities. The increased case numbers and the hospital’s growing reputation indicate its growing importance in the field of organ transplantation in Türkiye.

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