Texas Woman Achieves Milestone 1,000th Kidney Transplant at Medical City Fort Worth

Lenora Williams of Midland, Texas, was shocked to learn that her kidneys were failing and she needed dialysis. Williams was eventually referred to Medical City Fort Worth’s Transplant Institute for a kidney transplant. Two months after being placed on the waitlist, Williams received the news that a kidney from a deceased donor was available and it was a match. This transplant marked the institute’s 1,000th kidney transplant, a significant milestone for the hospital. Medical City Fort Worth has become the top-rated facility in Texas for kidney transplants and one-year kidney survival, according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. The hospital aims to grow its living-donor kidney transplant program to reduce wait times for patients. Williams is now recovering and leading a healthier life thanks to the transplant.

The Transplant Institute at Medical City Fort Worth is dedicated to guiding patients through their transplant journey. However, each patient’s path is unique, with some waiting months or even years for a kidney. The institute plans to expand its living-donor program to provide more kidney options for those who don’t have a living donor. Anyone interested in becoming a living donor is encouraged to reach out to the hospital. Williams is grateful for the transplant, as it has significantly improved her physical health and quality of life. She encourages others on dialysis to remain hopeful, as there is always a chance for a better future.

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